Liva to pursue menswear and expansion through investment of Rs 4000 crore

  •  India
  •  May 09, 2019
  •  By WFB Bureau
Liva to pursue menswear and expansion through investment of Rs 4000 crore

Fabric sustainability has caught the attention of everyone from the fashion and textile world. The latest in the league is Birla Cellulose from the house of Aditya Birla Group.  The move made by it this time is in form of promotion and growth of its sustainable fabric brand ‘Liva’ and to make it a hit, it is investing Rs 4,000 crore. This investment will pump up the production of fabric in the country. 

When growth of the brand is being talked of, then surely the portfolio development is a thing to be considered. Likewise, the product portfolio of Liva will also be expanded by Birla Cellulose and a bold step been taken by the brand is its plan to step into new segments like menswear and home textiles in the days to come.

The online presence of Liva is also being channelized and looked at and to give it a momentum, initiatives of partnerships with e-commerce websites is also being taken. This is also done to boost sales of the brand. Flipkart-owned fashion portal Myntra has been rolled in for partnering. Myntra at present displays a significant section for all Liva tag garments.

Rajeev Gopal, chief global sales &  marketing officer of Birla Cellulose at Aditya Birla Group has stated that the group has invested about 4,000 crore ($579.6 million) for creating more capacity for producing sustainable fibers in India and the investment is in active mode at present. He also mentioned that the brand being talked about is located in their Vilayat factory in Gujarat.

Liva is a women centric brand but is planning to other segments like menswear and home textiles very soon and the journey has just commenced for the brand. Liva has been put to frame by Birla Cellulose in India in 2015. It is the sole branded viscose fabric to be launched in the country and at present caters to the needs of apparel brands such as Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, Fashion Big Bazaar, H&M, Zara and Spandex to name a few. 

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